Thursday, January 27, 2011

Death by Typo

One little slip-up...a typo, if you will...and now I've pretty much signed my own death certificate.

I've been exercising for the last few weeks, having my Hubby hold me accountable and vice versa, and I've gotten pretty confident on the treadmill. Perhaps a little TOO confident.

So, yesterday on my Facebook page, I posted on my wall:

...been hitting the gym pretty hard the last few weeks; my goal is to do the Hospital Hill half-marathon in June. For real this time - no chickening out! Who's in with me?!?!

The Hospital Hill run is considered the "Grandfather of all Kansas City road races", where an estimated 7,400 runners participate in a 5K, 10K or a half-marathon. Up many hills. Hence the name, Hospital Hill.

They're not kidding about those hills.

As of this afternoon, there are 14 comments on Facebook from various friends and family, all saying things like, "Woot!" and "Good for you!" and "You can DO it!"

The only problem is, I never had any intention of running a half-marathon.

I meant to type, "10K"...NOT "half-marathon"...6 miles, as opposed to 13 miles...(my dementia has really gotten bad the last few weeks...I think the cold temperatures have frozen my brain synapses. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.)

That's a 7-MILE difference!!!!!

If I do the half-marathon, I will simply die.


I've now got a girlfriend volunteering to be my running partner, so we can die run together. Only she's a true runner, so she won't die. That would just be me.

Well...the bad news is, now that I've somewhat put it out there, I feel sort of committed to at least attempting it.

The good news is, I at least know my date of death.

June 4, 2011.

Death by typo on Facebook.


P.S. My girlfriend and I did the 5K course back in 2006...and it was tough, because there ARE a lot of hills! Steep hills! So, I was 5 years younger than...but apparently wiser.


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Terri said...

Can I come watch?

Good luck with that. Quick... add it to your bucket list and it will look like you meant to do it all along.