Monday, January 17, 2011

What a Deal!!!

Being a self-proclaimed "Coupon Queen", I own not one, but TWO Entertainment know, those little books that have a zillion "Buy One, Get One Free" coupons inside for local shops and restaurants and entertainment venues.

I take those books everywhere - they've saved us a ton of money on admission costs to local museums, theaters & attractions.

Yesterday, before I zoomed off to my cooking class, Hubby and I were chatting about HIS plans for the day....

I mentioned that there was a boat show in town - and so perhaps he could gather up the kids and head on down to look at water toys and dream a little bit.

To save money, I remembered that there was a BOGO coupon for the admission to the show in the Entertainment Book.

Figuring I should mention that to Hubs, I said, "Oh - don't forget! There's a coupon in the book!"

Hubs, incredulous, then asked, " You have a Buy One - Get One Free coupon...for a BOAT???!!??"

Snort. I wish.

Dream on, Hubby. Dream on.

He was so disappointed when I explained that my lowly coupon was just for the admission costs - not a boat.




Terri said...

That would have been awesome and then you could have had a give away here at the blog!

Mental P Mama said... are so amusing;)

La'Tonya Richardson said...

That is too funny! My husband would have then asked, why don't you have a coupon for a boat? Shaking my head!

Jenny said...

Cruel, cruel lady to torture your poor husband like that.