Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life: How I've Missed You!

We interrupt life as we know it for this very prolonged, very persistent and very annoying flu bug.

Actually, that was pretty much my status for the last two weeks...TWO WEEKS, I'm tellin' ya! Where I did pretty much nothing except get up, take my multitude of medicine, eat, whine and then sleep...repeat cycle several times a day. Gah!

Everything stopped...blogging; housework; exercise...even a much-anticipated mission trip to Jamaica had to be cancelled in order to try, try, try to get better.

This nasty bug hit on March 14th...easy to remember, as we were in Florida that week, and I was anticipating a great morning of tennis on that Monday. Well, when I woke up feeling like an elephant was sitting on my chest - the tennis didn't happen. Neither did my daily run on the treadmill - so all of that preparation for the upcoming race in June is for naught. I'll have to start over again.


The good news - I've turned the corner, and each day now seems to get me just that much closer to full recovery.

I actually got back on the treadmill Tuesday for the first time, which felt SO GOOD. Oh, treadmill - how I've missed you and the endorphins that you bring me that feel so wonderful....!

Being that sick for so long almost felt like I was in a coma for two weeks, only to reawaken and wonder what happened in the world around me during that I have no recollection of it.

The world could have ended, and I would have been in my Mucinex/Tylenol/Afrin-induced hypersleep...dreaming of better days to come.

And better days are now here - hallelujah!

Watch out, world...I'm BACK!




Kathie said...

So happy to hear you've crossed the thresh-hold of flu-hell back to the land of the living!

David said...

Glad you're feeling better!