Monday, December 19, 2011

Death By Chocolate

It's a well-known fact that I am a chocolate fanatic.

I've often said that when I die, I hope my family buries me in a chocolate-scented casket with pots and pots of chocolate syrup and hot fudge and chocolate candies and chocolate cakes buried right along beside me...cuz hey, we all need some chocolate in the after-life, right?

And you can never have too much chocolate.

So...when I was perusing my local Culinary school's upcoming classes, my attention was drawn to the all-day "Death by Chocolate" class.

Yes, please.

"Sir, may I have another?"

This morning, I headed over to the Culinary Institute, armed only with some Diet Dr. Pepper and my camera, of course, so I could blogument all things Death By Chocolate class-related. The things I do for my blog readers.....

The class was full...obviously, I am not the only chocolaholic in the area, and we soon broke up into teams of four to take on several sinfully-delicious recipes.

As we approached the first recipe, imagine my shock when one of my fellow team members, Gayle, whipped out a camera and announced, "I have to take pictures. I have a blog."

"I DO, TOO!" I squealed in excitement.

You will have to check out Gayle's blog, A Sweeter Life, HERE.

We then dove in, up to our elbows, into chocolate...

By the end of the day, we had made:

Chocolate Nut Gateaux cake with homemade Chocolate Ganache:

Chocolate Truffle Cake:

Chocolate Orange Souffle:

Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce:

...which we poured over some cream puffs:

...and finally, Grand Marner-injected Chocolate Dipped Strawberries:

And here's a shot of me shooting up those strawberries:

Needless to say, the class was fantastic...and I even managed to bring home a few tastings for the rest of the family.

Not only did I learn some fantastic recipes, but I met a fellow local blogger...and FOODIE!




La'Tonya Richardson said...

You all made a lot! Injecting strawberries... what a great idea. Mr. Husband won't think so, but I can't wait to inject a strawberry with maybe Coke!!! :)

Drama Queen said...

It was definitely a 5-hour class - and I was EXHAUSTED! They weren't kidding when they named it "Death by Chocolate"!

And I like your idea...only I would do Diet Dr Pepper in the strawberries! The thing to know is that these will NOT keep for long...maybe 24 hours at the most. So, inject and enjoy - quickly!

Gayle Cobb said...

We had such fun at this class! Can't speak highly enough about the classes at the Culinary Center. My guys at home (husband and son) scarfed the truffle cake and the gateau in quick order, but I was able to steal some before they got home from work. Love your blog, Drama Queen - and thanks for the shout out to my blog. Ready to make my own 100 things-to-do bucket list. You are such an inspiration! - Gayle