Thursday, December 15, 2011

Heigh Ho, Prancer - Away!

Our Elf is making himself quite at home.

Upon further questioning, we found out that Crocker has a first name...which, only makes sense, because EVERYONE has a first name, right?

So, wanna' know what it is? Of course you do.

It's Buddy.


His last name IS Crocker, after all - so what else would his name be but Buddy Crocker...??!!

(Okay, if you're not into old cookbooks or fudgy, delicious brownies, I guess you don't get the joke.)

Anyway, this morning, we found Buddy riding the open range of our living room:

Apparently, he's picked up a riding partner - Jessie - and the two of them were whooping it up, bareback, on the reindeer.

Buddy even donned golden cowboy boots for the occasion - which I noticed Jessie eyeing with a little bit of envy...and who can blame her, right? Because all women love golden cowboy boots.

I sure hope Woody isn't the jealous sort, but hey, I figure if he liked it, he could have put a ring on it. Which he didn't. So Jessie is free to ride reindeer with anyone she chooses.

You go, Buddy Crocker.

Heigh ho, Prancer - away!