Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Heaven on Earth

I like things in their place.

Not only is my closet organized by season and color, but my spices are organized in alphabetical order...and then by size...and then by brand. Hey - don't judge. It works for me.

So, it would only be logical that I would want all of my rewards cards, gift cards, and credit cards sorted. In perfect, alphabetical order. Everything in it's place.

Several years ago, I came across the Card Cubby...and it was love at first sight. look, and I asked the Card Cubby if I could have it's babies. Sigh.

When I need my Price Chopper card, there it is - under the P. My Hallmark card? Under the H. My Macy's card? get the idea....

The Card Cubby come in lots of different colors, but I have the hot pink one (see above), and it doesn't matter where I go, I get lots and lots of comments about it...Invariably, a store clerk will say, "Oh, that's so cute! Where did you get it?"

And I'll say, "Oh, this little thing? At Isn't she a beauty?"

Tonight, I went out for dinner with my sister, and when I whipped out my cubby to grab the Applebee's gift card, I was greeted with the usual....

"What is THAT?" my sister asked, her OCD-laden eyes lighting up. (It runs in the family.)

"This," I replied, "is Nirvana."

Seriously...check out for more styles and colors....Please note that I am not a paid spokesperson, and I received nothing for this endorsement...I just wanted to share my Little Piece of Heaven on Earth with all of my blogging buddies.



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