Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Monsters vs Elf

Our resident elf, Buddy Crocker, has decided to make the most of the short time he has left at our house...because, as we all know, once Christmas arrives, he's headed back up to the North Pole for the next 11 months until he deigns to visit us again.

And after the stunt he pulled this morning, I wouldn't be upset if he decided to cut his visit here short and head back to the land of snow and sugar and syrup early. As in...right now.

After a very restless night of sleep, I stumbled sleepily to the kitchen and found Buddy engaged in an epic snowball fight...

...with some other nightly visitors to our house....

...the Monsters.

You know...the Monsters...who went all-Hollywood a few years back when they starred in their own movie, "Monsters, Inc".

Sully, Mike Wozowski and gang.

Yes, there was Sully, caught red-handed (red-pawed?) with a snowball in hand...while Randall lurked behind him, cowardly as usual...and the boss, Mr. Waternoose, giving orders from the right flank.

There was no sign of Mike Wozowski, so all I can deduce is that Mike was out doing what he was SUPPOSED to be doing, as in collecting laughter from the children...while the rest of the Monster gang was fooling around with Buddy.

When my daughter saw what was going on, she was understandably a little freaked out, realizing that our house gets visited by all SORTS of creatures every night...Monsters...Elves...who knows what else??!!

As upset as I was initially to have to clean up snowballs in my house - on wooden floors, no less - I had a hard time staying mad.... I'm rather partial to Sully, as this photo from this past summer will attest:

With hugs & love like that, what's a Mom to do?



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Mental P Mama said...

I am loving his antics!