Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sex Life of a Snail

Last night, Hubby and I headed over to our local dinner theater venue, where we watched an interesting play entitled, "Gameshow."

It's a "Jeopardy"-like quiz show, with a plot. And part of the plot has randomly-chosen audience members up on stage, answering "Jeopardy"-like questions to earn prizes.

One of the questions asked last night was, "Where are the reproductive organs of snails located?"

My first thought was their shell, but that sounded rather painful, so I was really at a loss...I'm not exactly brushed up on my snail anatomy. Go figure.

The correct answer? Their head.

"Their head???" I whispered to Hubby, adding "How in the world do they have sex???"

Hubby, without missing a beat, quickly whispered back, "Just wait until we get home and I'll show you."


If you heard a loud GUFFAW last night at the theater, in the most-inappropriate time, that was me.



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