Sunday, December 18, 2011

Red Solo Cup

"Red solo cup...I fill you up...

Let's have a party!"

And so we did.

Last night was our annual Reindeer Games Night, where we set up dozens of games and invite friends and family over to embarrass themselves have fun...

Of course, we throw in some alcohol and munchies, and it's usually a night to remember.

Now, there's a recipe for fun...

It began, though, on a rather peculiar note.

The party was scheduled to begin at 5:00 pm...Hubby and I rushed around all afternoon like banshees, to insure that everything was perfect...we had food, candles, games, booze, music - everything that a perfect party needs for perfect ambiance.

And then...we waited.

And no one was showing up.

WTH? Where WAS everyone?

By 5:15, I couldn't stand I called my mom to see where she was...because on any OTHER given party night, my parents are usually 15 minutes early, which drives me totally crazy, so now that it was 15 minutes past-party-time, I knew something had to be wrong.

"Mom," I began, "Where the heck ARE you?"

My mom calmly replies, "What do you mean, where am I? I'm at home. Why?"

"Because no one is HERE," I whined, in my best whiney voice. "I can't believe no one is here yet. FORTY invites, and no one is here yet!!!!" This last was said with a bit of panic thrown in.

You'd panic, too, if you had enough food and drinks to feed an army, and NO ONE was THERE.

My mom paused for a minute, and then patiently said, "'s because it's only 5:15. Your invitation said the party starts at 6:30."


Yup. 'Tis true.

My own party - that I made out the invitations for - was not to begin until 6:30....but I had it in my head that it was to begin at 5:00.

My bad.

(Did I mention that I'm blonde???!)

Imagine the look that Hubby gave me when I said I had goofed, which is a rare event, I know, but that we still had 90 minutes until the start of the party, ha ha, and we didn't have to rush around as much as what we thought we had to....sorry.

Anyway, once everyone DID show up, we had a lot of fun...playing Kerplunk, Operation, pool, Connect Four, and various other games...of which I lost Every. Single. Game. I. Played. (is that a record??!)

...Check out this bit of Twister with my Hubby, my stepson, and my they all try to figure out which hand goes on which dot.





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Drama Queen said...

It's not funny. ;)

Hubby about killed me. We had to wrap up all the food and put it away for 90 minutes. Sigh. I think I'm losing brain cells rapidly.