Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Are You Ready?

It's Christmas Eve...

I just love today. I love the anticipation...I love what the day signifies...I love seeing the impatience of the kiddies as they count down the hours until Christmas.

Are you ready?

I am...the shopping is done...the wrapping is done...the cooking and the baking are all done. The house is clean - I've always told the kiddies that Santa doesn't like dirty houses...the stockings have been hung by the chimney with care, as you can see:

Are you ready?

I am...we'll be loading up the family in the car tonight and heading to church services. I love the candlelight services on Christmas Eve...I love the songs...I love the peace and serenity of everyone around me - the love and warmth of the crush of humanity as we sit in the pews, together, worshipping the birth of Jesus.

Are you ready?

I am...I enjoy thinking back of Christmases when I was younger. I remember when I was 7, I vowed to stay awake all night and wait for Santa - I'd catch him in the act. So, I climbed into bed with a good book and a flashlight....I hid under the covers, reading - but pretended to be 'asleep' when Mom & Dad checked on me. The hours ticked by - slowly...and then...I heard it! I heard something on the roof - THUMP! OMG! Reindeer hooves! Santa was here! My heart started pounding so hard, I thought it would pound out of my chest. I suddenly remembered that Santa didn't leave gifts for children who were still awake - and there was probably no fooling Santa, like I had with my parents, into believing that I was asleep. Yikes! What does one do??! I dove under my covers, my heart pounding, my body shivering in fear - please, oh, please - DON'T let Santa check my bedroom to see if I was asleep! I lay there for who knows how long - and eventually, must have dozed off. The next thing I knew, it was Christmas morning - and Santa had indeed come - sweet relief!

I learned my lesson that year, though - no more taking chances with Santa. From then on, I was the first one in bed on Christmas Eve.

Are you ready?

I am...I sit here, thinking how awesome it would be if this feeling that comes this time of year would last - for every day of the year. The love, the sharing, the gifting.... What can I do to perpetuate that feeling? To spread that feeling? Wouldn't it be great???

I hope and pray you're ready...I pray that you have a very merry, joyous Christmas this year. I pray that you get everything you've wished for - all of your dreams come true. I pray that you still feel that child's joy on Christmas morning. I pray that it lasts - far longer than just one day of the year.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Peace to all.


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