Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Wow...my first entry in my first-ever blog! How exciting! I have been reading other people's blogs for years - and have always been intrigued by various posts, thoughts, words, etc. Now it's my turn...will I intrigue someone? Will my blog be inspiring? Interesting? Boring? Hmmm... I guess only time will tell.

What do I hope to accomplish? I'm not sure...I used to keep a journal for many years - especially when I was in college. It's now interesting to pick up the old journal and browse through it - well, it's beyond interesting - it's rather amusing! So, perhaps this blog will be amusing years from now; who knows?

So...sit back; enjoy the ride...I hope you enjoy my blogging.

Today sucked. 

Going to sleep last night was "The Impossible Dream". After much tossing and turning, I slept fitfully for a few hours - only to be awakened by a shrill telephone ringing at 5:57 am. UGH! It's a recorded message - school today for the kiddies is canceled due to snow. Thanks a lot - I REALLY needed to know that at 5:57 AM!!!  NOT!!!  

So - we have snow...lots of it. After dragging my tired butt out of bed - I begin the slow process of putting on many, many layers of warm clothing, in preparation of going outside to shovel the **!!## stuff. What's that line from "A Christmas Story"? I had so many layers on, I looked like a tick ready to pop. Hubby had already gone to work, so it befell to me to go out into the cold and shovel...and shovel...and shovel some more. Joy to the world, and all that.

Moving snow from driveway to a huge pile in the yard is now complete - and time to come in to dry and warm up. 

I am a volunteer with the American Red Cross - have been now for over 3 years, ever since Hurricane Katrina. Besides national disasters, part of my volunteer work involves being on call 24 hours a month for local disasters - particularly house fires. Today is Tuesday - and that means I am on call from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm - just like every Tuesday. At exactly 9:01 am, my phone rings - there's a duplex on fire nearby, and the dispatcher asks if I can go. Normally, I would jump in my car and be all over it - but with the snow day - the kiddies are home from school - and no babysitter....so, I am very sorry - but I can't go. I truly feel bad - but dispatcher reassures me that there are several other volunteers he can call today; not to worry. However, I hear later that the one of the duplex residents slipped on ice (from the firemen's hoses) and broke his wrist. Ouch. What a sucky day to have a fire - and I empathize with the duplex tenants, and silently offer up a prayer that they are doing okay tonight.

So, the morning moves on....I have been having stomach pain for several months now - to the point that I have sought medical attention. I had a CAT scan last week - and today my doctor calls to tell me that "lesions" are showing on both my liver and pancreas. He's hoping that the lesions are nothing more than benign cysts - but I need to go in next week for an MRI. More joy - don't you just love going in for medical tests??

You would think this would be enough for one day - but OH NO - the day is not over. Hubby comes home early from work - at 2:00 pm - as we are supposed to meet with our financial advisor at 3:00 pm. Hubby walks in - hears a strange noise coming from the north side of the house - and realizes that our water pipes had frozen - and had now burst. We rush down to our (finished) basement and find 3" of water coating the top of our carpets. OMG! Will this day never end??! We shut off the water; call a plumber; rush up to buy a Wet Vac - and proceed to pull everything out and begin the drying off process. More joy to the world, and all that.

So - what a day. If I truly think about it, though, it really could have been so much worse. My issues and problems are so trivial compared to what others are going through. Yes, there was snow - but we still had electricity. Yes, I got "possible" bad news on a medical test - but there's still hope that it can turn out to be benign. Yes, my basement flooded - but I still have a warm house that didn't burn down. So, I guess I truly DO have things to be joyful for...Life IS good. 

Be sure to do your part today to save the world - one act at a time, one day at a time.

Drama Queen

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