Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Baby

Well, Christmas is over...sigh.... Now I can breathe again!

I hope you had an awesome Christmas. Our family did. We spent Christmas Eve relaxing, and then went to church at 4:00 pm. The music was incredible, as usual. My favorite song of the season, "Oh Holy Night", was sang as a solo by my favorite singer at church. She nailed it, as usual, bringing tears to my eyes. The candles at the end of the service were incredible - I always worry, though, that someone is going to drop theirs, and set the church on fire or something.

After church, we came home and settled down to watch some holiday movies on TV. My favorite holiday movie, "The Bishop's Wife", was on - woo hoo! I like the original version, with Cary Grant and Loretta Young. If you've never seen this movie, take my word for it - it would be well worth it to check it out. Here's a photo of Hubby and I right before we went to church last night:

We finally got the kids to bed around 9:30 pm or so - but had to wait for them to fall asleep. Then, Hubby and I made sure all was ready and waiting for Santa's visit - setting out the cookies, opening the chimney flu, etc. Then, blessed sleep for us, as well.

Kiddies are awake at exactly 7:06 am. Joy. We rush down the stairs, and joy, oh joy, Santa came!!! We were good this year!!! (I always worry a little bit). We opened gifts and emptied stockings, and then loaded up the van and headed to Grandma's house to open more gifts. We made merry - we nibbled and kibbled on delicious junk food all day - it was a day to remember.

Santa brought me what I wanted - I had asked for an iTouch - as well as brought me things I didn't ask for. Santa really spoils loves me! It was fun spending part of last night playing with my new gadgets.

Today was spent in recovery mode - cleaning up, repacking, picking up trash, etc. Kiddies are all happy, playing with their Wii Fit and other new video games - life is good.

I hope your Christmas was delightful. I hope you had a chance to truly enjoy the day - and to truly reflect on what it really is all about. Hubby and I made a gift to church on Christmas Eve that will assist families in need of assistance with water, heat and electricity - as well as food. I think that gift meant more to us than any gift we received personally. It's a tough time right now, so if you're in a position to assist, then get out there and do it. It's what it is truly all about.


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