Monday, December 29, 2008

Sniffles, Sneezes & Sore Throats

Being sick sucks.

I've been sick since Saturday night. Not fun. My symptoms - sore throat, sneezes, sniffing - as well as a very bad headache. Is this a cold? Is this a virus going around? Who knows - all I know is, I feel like crap - and I haven't slept worth a darn. Who knew you shouldn't drink gobs of cough syrup right before bedtime? How did I know it would keep me "wired" all night??!! Geez - now I know what to drink next time I need some energy, I'm tellin' ya!

Jeff Dunham was in town Saturday night. I managed to snag some tickets several weeks ago, and me, the boys and my brother headed downtown to catch the show. Pretty freakin' funny - although a little on the raunchy side. Dear Daughter wanted to go very much, but she's only 9 - so Hubby kindly stayed home to babysit her. Good thing - this type of humor was NOT for a 9-year old! It was good to laugh, though - I think the guys all enjoyed it.

It was in the car on the way home from the show that the sneezing began...and it hasn't stopped. Seriously - I sneezed so many times in the car that I was seriously scared of cracking a rib or something. I mean, it freakin' hurt! Good thing Brother was driving - I would have wrecked the car.

So, this will be a short post - as my drugs are starting to wear off, and it's time for another hit. Thank God for Tylenol and Robitussen and DayQuil and Vicks. All at the same time. Just kidding. Maybe.

No pearls of wisdom today. I'm too sick to save the world - the only action I'm taking right now is going back to bed. Catch you tomorrow, when hopefully all will be right with the world again. I at least know now to NOT swig half a bottle of cough syrup tonight before bedtime. Geesh.


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