Monday, December 22, 2008

Kickin' it with the Rocketts

Yesterday was Sunday. 

A typical Sunday for me begins with reading the Sunday newspaper in bed. Hubby spoils me - I mean loves me - and brings me the paper while I lay blissfully under the covers. I LOVE the newspaper. Seriously. To me, every day it's like getting a gift - the anticipation of not knowing what's inside the pages - and carefully unwrapping it, page by page, to discover the wonders of all of the stories and features printed within. I love the feel in my hands of a brand-new, unread paper. I seriously have anxiety attacks if my delivery person forgets to throw a paper in my yard. It's enough to cause heart palpitations!

So, I read my paper...and then, a typical Sunday has me getting out of bed (finally) to get ready for church. I love my church. I love the people - and I just love being there. To me, it's a place where I can focus on my faith, and focus on what's important to me. So many times during the week, I lose focus - I get caught up in the mundane things of life - and lose focus on the bigger picture. Church helps me get the bigger picture. Yesterday was an awesome day at church. Our Sunday School class finished up on a book study (What in the World is Going On? - great book) and we'll begin a new book, a study of Revelation, in another week. The sermon was good - I can usually always find a message in the sermon that I can take home with me and focus on for the week. And the people yesterday were wonderful - so much love and caring. 

Now, a typical Sunday would have our family going to our favorite restaurant, La Fuente, after church for lunch. However, yesterday was not typical. The HIGH temperature of the day was 8 degrees - and the wind was blowing, pretty strongly, all day, giving us a wind chill of 20 below zero. So, I really, really, really didn't want to get out of the car after church to go inside a restaurant. It was just TOO darn cold. So, I'm sorry, Ernesto (our favorite waiter who always takes care of us on Sundays - including teaching us how to speak Spanish), we missed you yesterday - look for us next week - as long as it's not bitterly cold. I hate the cold.

So, we drove home in our nice warm car after church, and then I settled in to watch the Chiefs game on TV. Again - a very typical Sunday for me. Even at the restaurant, the Chiefs are on TV, and I can't imagine not watching the game. I LOVE football. I love the strategy, the thinking behind it, the awesome physical prowess involved - I love seeing great catches, great tackles, great runs, and great kicks. I love the thrill of victory - I don't love so much the agony of defeat. And unfortunately, the Chiefs have experienced a lot of the agony this season. We've won a whopping two games this season - woo hoo! Oh well - I don't give up; I keep watching - especially when Tony Gonzalez is playing, my personal favorite! 

So, we watch the game yesterday - and a typical Sunday has the Chiefs losing, which they did - to the Dolphins. (Some people called yesterday's game the "Mrs. Paul's Game" - due to the extreme cold temperatures, the Dolphins were frozen fish - get it??!!  I know - bad). 

After the game, we bundled up and headed downtown to the Sprint Center, where the world-famous Radio City Music Hall Rocketts were performing, live. What an awesome performance. Wow - I wish I could kick and dance like that. Our Dear Daughter - who is 9 - was thoroughly entranced the entire performance - it helped that Santa Claus was basically the 'narrator' of the show. It was a full house, too - not an empty seat to be found. Kansas City likes its dance performances, for sure. 

After the show, we came back home to warm up again. Dang, it's cold outside!! However, upon arriving home, the cold just made me remember that I needed more cold-weather clothing. With my volunteer work, a lot of which has me outside in the elements, it's just gotten too cold for the clothing that I have. So, we bundled back up, went back out, and made a trip to a sporting goods store last night to buy some coveralls and ski pants for me, along with some nice gloves and a hat. I hope this helps - being cold is miserable.  I'll find out tonight - I'm volunteering at a local outdoor lighting display, "Christmas in the Park", where volunteers collect donations and distribute candy as cars go through and look at lighted Christmas displays. It's a 5-hour shift outside; I hope I'm not a popsicle when I'm done.

Back home again, and a typical Sunday evening has the family just chillin' and enjoying some down time. (I think I'm still recovering from Saturday's chocolate martinis!)

Reflecting on yesterday, though, had me and DH thinking of the people who are homeless - and are outside in these elements. We were praying that everyone found some kind of shelter to go to yesterday - the City Union Mission, ReStart - somewhere....It was life-threatening to be outside for any length of time. It's always good to support the homeless missions in your community...the people there are someone's father, someone's mother, someone's CHILD - and they need our love, support and prayers during this time of year. Make a donation to a shelter today - or sign up to serve a hot meal at a shelter. Donate hats or gloves to a shelter - or better yet, coats. They need them.

Be sure to do your part today to save the world - one act at a time, one day at a time. Make a difference somewhere.


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