Monday, January 19, 2009

The Football Gods Hate Me!


The Football gods are SO against me this year.

It's not enough that the Kansas City Chiefs, my hometown team, had their worst record in like, forever.

Oh no.

I watch the playoffs yesterday. First game up - the NFC championship game, Cardinals vs Eagles. I root for the Eagles because that's where my aunt & uncle & other dear-loved ones live. Eagles lose.

So, next game up is the AFC championship game, Steelers vs Ravens. I root for the Ravens because the Steelers have been in the Super Bowl, like, a million times. Enough already - spread it around. Ravens lose.

So, I was 0-for-2 yesterday.

The Super Bowl will have the Cardinals vs Steelers. I will probably have to root for the Cardinals, which is just going to kill me to root for an NFC team - but c'mon, Steelers - you've got enough victories. Let's have a team that hasn't won before win!

I so love football. This time of year has me getting anxious, because I know that I've only got 2 more games left - the Super Bowl, and then the Pro Bowl. And then, I have to go MONTHS (until August) for more football. That is MAJOR withdrawal for a super fanatic such as myself. That's just not right.

And I realize baseball is just around the corner - spring training will begin any day now. And I like baseball - I really do. When I was a little wee one, I had (laughable) dreams of becoming the first woman to play major league baseball. Obviously, that dream didn't pan out. But - I loved baseball way back when. Every year, for my birthday, I begged and pleaded to go to a Kansas City Royals game. I dreamt of Cookie Rojas, Fred Patek, Lou Piniella - all of our superstars back then. And I went to a World Series game in 1980 when the Royals played Philadelphia (we lost). And I cheered and celebrated when the Royals won the World Series in 1985 - against St Louis - even better.

But, baseball took a back seat when I "discovered" the joy of football in college. Now, football reigns - and baseball is sometimes like watching paint dry. Just not the same.

So, you know where I'll be on Sunday, Feb. 1. Glued to the TV screen. My dream is to finally GO to a Super Bowl one of these days. Maybe it will happen. Who knows.

But in the meantime, I'd better get back in the good graces of the football gods so that the Cardinals will win.


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