Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here's to You, President Obama

What a historic day. What an extraordinary day.

Inauguration Day. Although it comes up every four years, today really has a different feel to it. The crowd is bigger, the crowd is younger - and the excitement just leaps out from the television and grabs me as I sit here, in my own house, watching history unfold. And that excitement has spread across the ocean worldwide. Amazing.

I have to admit - I am an Obama fan. I first noticed him when he gave a speech for John Kerry at the Democratic Convention back in 2004.... I thought then that here was an outstanding speaker; he seemed to really have a feel of engaging with his audience, and his words were mesmerizing. As I followed his career - seeing him on "Oprah", seeing him speak at other events, and then reading his books - I became more and more entranced with this young man who really seemed to have it all together - along with some good old common sense. What this country so needs. When Obama announced his candidacy, I remember thinking, "Hooray!"

I like to think of myself as a Liberal Democrat - but my DH says I'm actually a Conservative Republican, if I really thought about it. So, ultimately, I must be a Confused Mess. I follow politics, certainly - but I like to do it quietly. When the election ended, I was more happy that it was finally over - all of the negativity - than anything else.

Now that President Obama is in charge, what else does our country need, besides common sense? Our country needs change...and it needs hope...and it needs to start taking steps to becoming the grand old country that we used to be. Our reputation is in tatters, our economy is in the tank...President Obama (wow - that sounds good!) will have some major challenges in front of him. He will need all of the prayers and support that people can give him.

Here's to President Obama - I KNOW he'll be making a difference in this world, one day at a time, one action at a time. Let him be an example for all of us - we CAN and WILL be the change.


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