Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Year in Review

Happy New Year~ 2009!

Did you make resolutions for the year? I have no trouble making resolutions - it's the keeping that I have trouble with. Regardless of what resolutions I made/didn't make - and kept/didn't keep - I think last year was pretty good. A look back at the year in review:

Started off new year with a big blow-out at the Hyatt. Spent the night and had a late brunch at oldest Daughter's house. Month was pretty typical - work 4 days a week, started a kickboxing class 2 days a week, and spent many days at dentist or orthodontist with kiddies. Trips included a trip to St. Louis for a visitation, and to Rolla, MO for a mission trip orientation. Entertainment: took kiddies to Harlem Globetrotters on Jan. 5. Front row seats - too funny.

Super Bowl party on Feb. 3 - Go Giants! Woo hoo! Not much different this month - work, orthodontist, exercise class...boy, the life of a soccer mom sounds dull, huh? Busy with Saturday basketball games, as well. Volunteered in concession stand for basketball, as well as Red Cross DAT hours. Brownie meetings twice a month. No trips out of town until the end of the month - the 29th....

Hawaii! Left Feb. 29th for 3-week mission trip to Hawaii. Spent most time on Big Island at Camp Mekokiko, a Methodist camp. Worked on landscaping around the camp. Some sightseeting - Mauna Kea, Volcano National Park, Akaka Falls, and then Honolulu, and Pearl Harbor. Home on March 18th. Easter on March 23rd - dinner at brother's house. Celebrated our 9-year anniversary on March 26.

Month spent doing usual - baseball games for Son (who made school team), orthodontist for 2 of the kiddies, and volunteering with Red Cross, as well as Habitat for Humanity this month. New venture - begin Tae Kwan Do classes, along with 9-year old Daughter, 3 times a week. Goal is to earn black belt before I'm 50.

A tornado hits North Kansas City on May 2nd. Spend Saturday and Sunday with the Red Cross, assisting disaster victims in NKC. First day is spent doing disaster assessment. 2nd day is spent handing out food. Lots of damage. Last month of school for kiddies. Must get oldest Son ready for graduation on May 16th. See Watoto Children's Choir perform on 11th. See "Wicked" at Music Hall on 20th. More orthodontist appointments - will it ever end???!!!

New Orleans mission trip June 15 - 22nd. Had fun doing the Matthew 28 Project with Terri. Celebrated my birthday in New Orleans with a fancy dinner at Emeril's. Yum yum. Get back and have a week to prepare to lead team down to Guatemala. Leave for Guatemala on June 27th.

Spend 1st week of July in Guatemala. July 4th is spent working at school in San Andres, with a packed picnic lunch of fried chicken and watermelon. Best July 4th ever, everyone agrees. Very good trip - good group of people. Get home on 6th. Spend next week unpacking and doing laundry and then packing for vacation. Leave for Lost Creek Ranch (in Jackson Hole) on July 19th. Spend one week there, hiking, horseback riding, and tracking wildlife. Another amazing trip. Go to Yellowstone for another couple of days - stay at Lake Yellowstone Hotel. Beautiful. Arrive home on 30th.

Time to get ready for school - geez, the summer has been short! Daughter turns 9 on 12th. Move Oldest Son into the dorm at Truman State University on 16th. 1st day of school for other kiddies is 19th. I see doctor on 20th for chronic stomach pain. More orthodontist and dentist appointments for kiddies; trying to get them in before school starts. Hurricane Gustav is heading for Gulf Coast; I am deployed on 28th for Baton Rouge with American Red Cross.

Gustav hits Louisiana on Labor Day - Monday, Sept. 1. I ride it out in a concrete shelter; I decide I don't like hurricanes much. Spend another two weeks after the storm, working in Alexandria, LA. Work at kitchen, delivering food and supplies to people and shelters. Come home on 13th. Last day of work as the Missions Director at Woods Chapel United Methodist Church is Sept 18th - I am now officially "retired". Hurricane Ike hits Texas on 13th. I leave for Texas on Sept 21 - drive to Dallas, then deployed to Port Arthur for one week. On Sept. 29th, reassigned to Galveston.

Work in Galveston until the 8th - time to come home. Meet amazing people in Galveston - residents and fellow Red Cross volunteers. Unpack; do laundry; get back involved with Tae Kwan Do and Brownie meetings. Thanks & kudos to everyone who filled in for me while I was gone. Our family wins "Trunk or Treat" contest at church with "Happy Hulaween" Hawaiian theme!

Take Hubby and Daughter to Galveston for a short trip in early November; want to check on residents to see how they are doing after Ike. Island is slowly recovering - it will take much time and much work. Back to orthodontist and dentist appointments. More volunteering at Daughter's school, church and Red Cross.

Dear Grandma passes away on Dec 1. Very sad - but expected. She was 96. Have family in from out of town for the services. Get ready for holidays; shopping & decorating & wrapping & baking begins. Our house wins "Grand Prize" in neighborhood decorating contest for Christmas; Hubby is very proud. Our house is not quite "The Griswolds" - but very close. Begin blogging - how fun! Family party on 20th; Rockettes on 21st; and Jeff Dunham on 27th. Resume testing with physician in regards to stomach - have EGD on 2nd; CAT scan on 11th; and MRI on 22nd. Latest news: lesions on liver & pancreas are benign; gallbladder looks suspicious. Will be seeing doctor on Jan 15 after return from Jamaica.

Wow - there you have it - a year in review. More for my remembrance than anything else. In retrospect, a lot of time just "being a mom" - which is what I do best! Would I change any of it? Well - not really...I would wish for fewer disasters, but that ain't up to me!

I hope you have a great New Years. Make the best of your time this year - it really does fly!

Be sure to do YOUR part today to change the world - one action at a time, one day at a time.


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