Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm Obsessed with Food

So, last night was bitterly cold. Coldest it's been all year. No desire to put layers and layers of clothing on and go outside. So, Hubby and I hunker down to watch the boob tube.

We first watched several episodes of "Man vs Food" on the Travel Channel. I don't know why we enjoy watching this show, because some of the episodes can make you sick. When you see a man attempting to eat a 72 oz. steak in one hour - or an 11 lb pizza in an hour - it can do funny things to your own stomach. I guess it's like rubbernecking an accident on the side of the road - one of those, "Thank God it's not me!" moment. The picture above is the sandwich that he attempted to eat last night. I think he was successful. Barf.

After we were thoroughly nauseated by watching "Man vs Food", we turned the channel over to Bravo to watch one of our favorites, "Top Chef". Hubby and I have been faithful followers of this show for several years now - watching the different challenges each week...How the contestants respond to the challenge and the pressure is always interesting. I love to watch what creations they concoct - and I always wish I could, like, reach into the TV and sample what they're cooking - especially when it has bacon. Yummo. When Hubby and I go out to eat now, we pretend we're the judges on Top Chef and we do our own little critique of the food being served to us. It's amusing.

And now today, as I sit here, blogging - I find myself watching "Rachel Ray". I never watch Rachel Ray...I'm not sure why the tube is even on....but I watch as she whips her 30-minute meal like it's as easy as slicing a piece of bread.

But that got me thinking...I must be obsessed with FOOD!!! WTH??! Maybe when it's beyond cold outside, you gravitate towards things that make you warm - and that would be food. I guess I really do love food. Don't you? Don't you love trying new things? I tried so many new things in Jamaica - and most were actually pretty good. Some weren't so good. But, at least I tried.

I am probably not changing the world or anything by obsessing about food - except when you think about people who don't have enough. A lot of local churches have food pantries that REALLY need your help this time of year. Take a few cans of food to your local church - or go online and make a donation to Harvesters. Feed the hungry today - somehow, somewhere. If you're in line at the drive thu today at McDonald's - pay for the order behind you. Do a random act of kindness involving food.

So - be sure to do YOUR part today to save the world - feed someone - one action at a time, one day at a time.

And now I'm going to go whip up some culinary delight in the kitchen for breakfast....HA!


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