Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh No! I've Succumbed! I'm on Facebook!

Okay, so I'm 46 years old - middle-aged, as my title suggests. (Assuming I live to be 92). In all of this time, I have been a holdout from Facebook. I was rather secretly proud of this fact - I felt like a rebel, of sorts. And that's always my goal - to be a rebel and to NOT follow the crowd. So, I was a Facebook Holdout.

Not any more.

I get home from Jamaica Sunday night, and Hubby immediately tells me that he's now on Facebook, and he's all excited about it, and how I should join up too, so we can "be friends." WTH??! I think it's pretty surreal when you join on online social network so you can "be friends" with your husband. How weird is that??

So, last night, I'm sitting here, TRYING to get this blog up to date (we didn't have internet in Jamaica, so I had to copy from my journal into the blog), and Hubby sits down beside me to show me the wonders and joys of Facebook.

So, I'm now on Facebook. And I have 14 friends already. Yet, I feel very socially inadequate with only 14 friends...like, somehow, I'm not worthy. I want hundreds and hundreds of friends! I must find more friends! How pathetic to only have 14!!! Something must be wrong with me!!!

Now, not only do I have this inordinate need to find more friends, I feel like I must add photos, and quotes, and information - it's become a compulsion today to spend hours on Facebook. I can see where this can get addicting.

So, I must go now - I, um...have some more friends to track down. And more photos to post. Is this changing the world?? I don't think so - so I'm feeling twinges of guilt sitting here, typing away on Facebook.

But - Hubby is my first friend. If that counts for anything.


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Ken and Patti said...

LOL - you can add me on facebook! :)