Friday, January 30, 2009

Is That You Calling, God?

I received an interesting phone call this week.

It was the Chairman of Disaster Services of our local chapter of the American Red Cross. It seems he is stepping down, and they are looking for a replacement for his position. They are going to split the position - into two "co-chairmen". One co-chairman will be over "Operations" - and the other co-chairman will be over "Readiness and Preparedness."

They have already found their co-chair of Operations...guess who they want for co-chair of Readiness & Preparedness? Hence the phone call.

I'm torn....I'm really torn. As much as it sounds right up my alley, I am not sure about the time commitment....would my bosses be okay with my frequent mission trip traveling? I don't know...I am going in on Tuesday to sit down the current Chairman, and this will certainly be a question I will bring up. I go on quite a few trips each year - and I just don't know if they will be okay with that. According to the job description that came yesterday in the mail, I need to attend two monthly meetings - what if I'm out of town??!

Lately, I have been feeling called with assisting people in preparing for disasters - I finished a book recently on surviving disasters, and it struck a chord with me. It was one of the most profound books I had ever read - and I learned so much. I also thought, "Why isn't this stuff being taught to everyone??!" I had already been in discussion with people at my church on possibly teaching some classes on surviving disasters...and being prepared...and then this phone call came., is this a God-thing? Is He putting this opportunity in front of me? Is this a path I am supposed to take? I don't know...I just don't know....

I'll be thinking and praying on this in the next few days....I guess we'll see where the Lord is taking me.

Be sure to do YOUR part today to save the world - listen for God's call,as it may be something very different than you've been doing before...


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