Monday, April 6, 2009

Backwards in High Heels

Saturday night was our season-ticket night at the American Heartland Theater. We saw "Backwards in High Heels" - a musical based on Ginger Rogers' life.

Have to say - it was pretty good. I thought the choreography was pretty clever in how they told they story of Ginger...and I also liked the fact that Fred (as in Fred Astaire) did not show up until the 2nd half. The focus was really on Ginger - and especially the relationship with her mother. Here's some interesting trivia - did you know Ginger was born in Independence, Missouri? Yep - practically right down the street from here!

I enjoy theater. Hubby and I have season tickets to Starlight, American Heartland, and New Dinner Theater. We used to also have season tickets to the Missouri Rep, but...I guess you need to cut back somewhere, right?! Actually, we gave those up because we had the Sunday at 2:00 pm show - and it was always conflicting with family get-togethers or church events. So, we kicked those tickets to the curb.

I love the anticipation of the show - right before the curtains rise and the theater goes dark...I like escaping into the plot, and seeing how the actors bring the characters to life. I like the choreography, the lighting, the blocking - it's always neat to see how the director brings everything together.

So - my review for "Backwards" - is a definite thumbs up. Great, great show. And a great night spent with the DH - we had a great dinner at Milano's, and then saw a great show. A great homecoming for me - I was glad to be home from Fargo!


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