Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Just came from my son's baseball team.

He is on the JV team for Lee's Summit West - the Titans. He's a pitcher. And he pitched today. And he did awesome. We played Raytown - and the final score was 19-0. We won. The game was called after 5 innings, due to the spread. Taylor did great - he gave up only 3 hits, and I lost count of the strike-outs. I am a proud mom.

I love baseball. And I love watching my son play. I've been watching him play now since he was 4 years old - and he'll be 16 on Sunday. Our summers have always included being at a field somewhere - someplace - watching Dear Son play. That's how I know that summer is coming - being at the ballfield again.

The Royals had their first game today. They didn't win...but the season is long, and I still have hope. Baseball always brings hope.

It was a good day today in my world.


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