Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Thank You: American Red Cross

Hey, God? It's me, Sherri.

As you know, I recently took on a new role - that of co-chairman of Disaster Services with the American Red Cross. It's a volunteer position - and quite an honor for me. I took this on in February, and it's been a good learning experience for me, and also an opportunity to test my skills and expand my horizons a little.

I want to thank you for the American Red Cross. Thanks for inspiring Clara Barton to start this wonderful organization back in 1881. Thanks for "nudging" me to become a volunteer back in 2005. Being a volunteer now for the last 3 1/2 years has truly been life changing. Reading about disasters - and seeing images on television - does not do justice to the clients when you're actually at the disasters. Through my travels and experiences, I have met so many amazing people - besides the clients, I've met some of the most amazing volunteers from all over the world....people who have left the comfort of their own homes, their jobs, their families - to do what they can to assist others when they're hurting.

Sometimes, when I'm on an assignment, the clients assume we're being paid. No - we are NOT paid. It is strictly volunteers who are at the scenes of disasters. We're there - not for the money - but for the opportunity to put our faith into action and to offer hope and comfort to people in a time of need. Sometimes people think we're a government-led, we're not. We're an independent, volunteer-led organization. We do not receive funding from Congress - our funding comes from donations - either from corporations or from individuals.

Sometimes it can be scary when out on assignment during a disaster, but I know with You by my side, I can do powerful things. So, thanks, God - for the ARC.


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