Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Best Brownies in the World

“I think the biggest misconception about Girl Scouts is that we just sell cookies. A great amount of what we do is community service. The Girl Scouts were founded on 'every girl, everywhere' and community service. People don't realize that we are doing community projects all year long.”

Hey, God? It's me, Sherri.

Today, I want to thank you for Girl Scouts. I have the honor & joy & privilege of being my daughter's Brownie Troop leader. I have 8 wonderful 3rd-grade girls, who come to my house every other Monday for fun, fellowship, and development of future leadership potential.

I have so enjoyed getting to know each of these girls...their gifts, their talents, their hopes, their dreams. They are all a blessing to me, and I thank You for "nudging" me to get involved and take on the role as their leader.

I have watched these girls grow as the years have passed, and I consider them my own daughters.

Last night, we worked on our "Hobbies" try-it. We did pin-making with beads, and then we did some paint-by-numbers...a little messy, but certainly fun. The best part of the evening was talking with the girls about their own hobbies, as well as what their parents' hobbies are. One little girl, who has younger brothers, said, "My mom's hobby is keeping my brothers out of trouble." That cracked me up. These girls keep me young and they keep me laughing and they keep me smiling.

So, thanks God - for giving me these girls to work with!


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