Saturday, April 11, 2009

A House on the Lake

Wow...the last two days have been very busy.

Hubby had the day off yesterday (Good Friday) and so he decided we needed to look at new houses. We have decided we want a lake house. A house right on the lake. Not 2nd tier. Not 3rd tier. But a house where you walk outside, and there's the lake.

So - we saw several houses locally yesterday. Didn't see anything that grabbed us. Not enough house for a heck of a lot of money. The usual.

Today, we woke up and decided to hit the road and drove 3 hours down to the Lake of the Ozarks. We've been in email contact with a realtor there - Matt met us and took us to about 5 houses on the lake. And two of them grabbed us. There are pros and cons with each house...but we had 3 hours to discuss on the way home, and hubby is downstairs right now, in the office, contacting Matt with an offer on one of them. We'll see.

My folks had a lake house when I was growing up. We weren't on the lake, though. We were 3rd tier up. It was still fun, though, going to the lake on the weekends. The thing I remember, most, though, is the maintenance that we had to do every time we arrived - mow the grass, rake the leaves, make the beds, clean out the refrigerator, restock the refrigerator....

I told Hubby that I would have a 2nd home if it didn't involve a lot of maintenance. Ha. Actually, one of the houses we saw is completely landscaped with small pebbles - no grass to mow - so that would be great.

Changing the subject....

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. We'll get up - as usual - and head to church. Then, we'll come home, where the kids will hunt for the eggs that the Easter Bunny has hid. Sometimes the Easter Bunny hides the eggs so well that we can't find them all - it will be weeks or months later and an egg will turn up. Thank goodness the Bunny brings us plastic eggs now - can you imagine if you lost a hard-boiled egg? Although - I guess you'd find that one sooner - due to the smell. Ugh.

Anyway, the baskets will be filled to the brim, waiting for the kids on the kitchen table. Candy, toys, a new Easter outfit...the bunny will be generous.

Then, the whole family will be over at 4:00 pm for Easter dinner. We're celebrating birthdays, as well, though. My son will turn 16 years old tomorrow. Yikes...where did the time go? He is chomping at the bit to go on Monday to get his driver's license. I'm not. I can wait.

We'll have ham, potatoes, deviled eggs, jello salad, and birthday cake! Yummo. Then, we'll sit around the living room and let the dinner settle, and chit-chat. And it will be time to clean up. And send everyone home. My favorite part of the Easter dinner. (just kidding. No - wait - it really IS my favorite part). Because then I get to enjoy the quiet and solitude of the day and reflect what Easter is truly all about. And rejoice in Christ and the fact that He died for us. How amazing is that?!

Enjoy your Easter Sunday - no matter how you spend it. And maybe I'll see you at the lake.


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My friend BillyV lived with his inlaws just outside of Camdenton Mo in Roach. His parents live near Osage Beach. I personally live in Carthage Mo for 2 years.