Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Sweet 16

Today is my son's 16th birthday. I love my son dearly - he has brought so much joy and happiness to my life. So - in honor of his birthday, here are 10 things you should know about my son:

1. I got to pick his birthday. The OB-gyn was going to induce labor, and originally picked April 13th, 1993. I put my foot down and said I didn't want my son to ever have a birthday on Friday, the 13th - so we bumped labor day back to the 12th. Good thing I didn't wait that one more day - DS (Dear Son) came into the world at 8 lbs 13 oz. Can you imagine what he would have weighed one day later??!! (Just kidding)

2. DS had a near-tragic accident when he was only 7 months old that involved a walker and stairs. He spent almost a week in intensive care at Children's Mercy Hospital with me camped out at his side. I don't know that I have ever been more scared in my life - or felt so helpless as a parent. I threw the walker away after that and became a strong advocate against baby walkers.

3. DS had the blondest hair and the most beautiful curls when he was a baby. He will kill me for saying this, but he really was one of the most prettiest babies I had ever seen. I finally relented and cut the curls off when people began calling him a girl - and the curls never did grow back. Darn.

4. When he was very little, DS loved to eat the croutons off my salads in restaurants. However - he couldn't quite say "croutons" - consequently, he called them "coupons" and they've been "coupons" ever since. I will sometimes catch myself at a restaurant asking the waitress to "hold the coupons - oops, I mean croutons!" You can imagine the looks I get.

5. Speaking of waitresses in restaurants, it became very apparent that DS was a flirt at an early age. He couldn't have been more than 3 years old, when one day, while seeing the blonde waitress at our table, said, "She's pretty".... He's liked blondes ever since.

6. It also became very apparent at an early age that DS had a huge talent with a baseball. He has been pitching since he was four...and he has made his school team every year that he has tried out. He has a decent fastball, and an amazing change-up.

7. DS is a huge fan of the Oklahoma Sooners. Don't ask me why. We've never lived in Oklahoma, we've never been to an OU game - he just decided at an early age to root for the Sooners, and there you go. It's a mystery to his family, who are all Mizzou fans. You will never see him without his OU hat or coat or backpack or sweatshirt....he's very loyal.

8. DS can tell you any sports statistic there ever was...he lives and breathes ESPN, and would make an amazing sports journalist one day, I think. If you ever want to know sports history or trivia, he's the guy to ask...he'll know the answer.

9. My son's smile can melt the snow off the ice caps.

10. My son is now 6'3" and is still growing. I don't know how tall he'll eventually reach - but no matter how tall, he'll always be my 'baby boy' and I'll love him forever and forever. He's very huggable and lovable, and so I am sending out birthday wishes to him right now.

Happy Sweet 16, Kiddo! I love you!


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