Monday, March 29, 2010

Can You Feel the Love?

Honestly, I am so blessed with my sweet, loving children that sometimes, I can hardly stand it.

I mean, there is SOOOOO much love flowing through this house that it's more sweet than Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.

Take, for instance, this homework assignment that my daughter did for school recently. The assignment? To write and illustrate haiku. I really am so proud of her in that she was able to so deeply express the love that she feels for her older brother:

(Click on the photo to make it you can take in every detail...)

And notice the hole in the ice at the bottom of the photo. Is that not awesome?

Siblings....gotta' love 'em.




Jenny said...

I totally love this! It made me laugh!

Bradley said...

Ahahaha Mikayla just got about 10x more awesome in my book.