Monday, March 1, 2010

A Gold Medal for Parenting?

The 2010 Winter Olympics are over...and as much as I enjoyed the athletic events, I think I especially enjoyed learning about the athletes. It was during one of these "Focus on the Athletes" when I was struck by something that was said by none other than short-track speed skater phenom, Apolo Anton Ohno. While describing his intense preparation for his sport, he explained that every night before he goes to bed he asks himself if he did everything he possibly could that day in his quest to be the best.

Which made me I do everything I could each day to be the best Mom I can to my kids?

As much as I honestly would love to say "Yes" - I would honestly, gut-wrenchingly, have to say "No." No gold medal for me in the parenting department.

There are SOME days I think I nail it.

And there are other days when I think I suck.

Today is one of those days...suck, that is.

There are days when I haven't focused on some of the kids as much as I would have liked to...and those are the days when the kids have a unique ability of sucker-punching me in the gut with surprises and decisions and bad moves. It seems that when I'm focusing on THIS particular kid, and watching them "zig", then one of the other kids decides to "zag" - throwing me for a loop.

Apolo Ohno got me thinking...and I have a new determination now to wake up each morning and say, "What can I do today to be the best mom to my kids?"

Do I know the answers? Not always...but I know at least that I need to refocus and stay sharp. There's some changes coming to this household, for sure....

Here's what I DO know:

Mama's now in training to be the best....

...Mama's gettin' her groove back...

...and Mama ain't happy.

Fasten your seatbelts, children - we're in for a bumpy ride.




Dual Mom said...

Children everywhere BEWARE! lol

I think we all slip - it's human nature. The trick is to dust yourself off and carry on.

Lora said...

Yes. I have similar feelings.'s...tricky. It requires so much presence, so much energy, so much thought, and so much patience. I find myself doing really well for part of the day, then sort of slipping backward, then doing well again, etc. It's a journey, and I think we're doing great!

Bungalow'56 said...

Oh, I had some less than stellar parenting moments last night, and was so glad to read your post this morning. What a great analogy. I will be going for gold too.