Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Musings

Monday I really don't have much else going on:

...was it just me, or were the Oscars exceptionally lllllooooonnnngggg last night...? Geesh - there's only so many freakin' awards to hand out - get on with it - and quit all of the B.S. in-between...

...except for the tribute to John Hughes and the montage of movies I grew up with. That can stay. That was awesome. I love me some John Hughes. "The Breakfast Club" is a classic. Really.

...spring is in the air and in my allergies are starting to go haywire. Dammit. Achoo.

...severe weather season is upon us...I hope everyone has their "kits" in their safe rooms - extra shoes, flashlights, blanket, weather radio, socks, gloves...if you don't have one, and live in a "tornado" area - do it today.

...I'm watching the Red River area up in Fargo's a 90% chance it will be flooding again this year, which means I may be spending time (again) in Fargo. Joy. Just where I want to spend my spring - working at a Red Cross shelter in Fargo. Brrrr. This year, though, I'll be smart enough to pack a coat.

...I love my new car. It's a bright, candy apple red Ford Taurus SHO. I like the color. A little flashy, but hey - that's just me. And it goes really, really fast. Zoom. Zoom.

...oldest son is home on Spring Break this week. It's nice, actually, having him home. Someone else to talk to during the day besides the cats.

...speaking of cats, you can almost guarantee that any time I'm blogging, my tuxedo cat is sitting 1/2 inch away from me and the screen. This cat thinks there's a strip of velcro which attaches him to me. ready for baseball. Bring it on. The Royals will start off well and will then break our hearts again. As usual. Eternally hopeful and faithful, though.

...wishing everyone a happy Monday. Peace.


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Jenny said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on for something that doesn't have anything going on. Hmmm.... that made no sense. But I stand by my comment!