Saturday, March 20, 2010

From Sunny Shores to Snowy Lakes

We went...we saw...we ate...we rode...we ate again...we stood in long lines...and we ate even more...and we conquered. Or - it conquered us; the jury is still out on that one. I'm talking about Walt Disney World - because, alas - our Spring Break vacation is over, as of this afternoon. (<--------silently offering up a "Praise the Lord" on that.)

In the next few days, I'll report back on the highlights, as well as the lowlights - because, of course - we all know nothing goes as planned. Or scheduled. We had some amazing meals, which I'll report on (and include pictures, of course!) - especially a meal Hubby and I had one night that was a 10-course meal and is the most expensive meal we've ever had, to date. (A $500 meal = for two - not including tip! Geesh! And NO - that's not our bar tab...hee hee!)

We did some cool "special" events, including a Sunset Safari and a Sunrise Safari, and a Pirates Fireworks Cruise...all just waiting to be reviewed, with photos, of course!

We rode some pretty fantastic rides - besides my Disney favorites, I have a new favorite ride that I could probably build an entire vacation around, it was that awesome...what is it, you ask? Well, you'll have to wait and read about it later....! :)

We had magical moments - those unexpected wonderful surprises that just make everything special...

And - we had some frustrating moments - that Disney will certainly be hearing about when they call me for their "survey" that they managed to procure my email (and my permission) to conduct.

All in all, a pretty fabulous week spent with Hubby and our daughter...

...and although it would normally be pretty sucky to leave 75-degree temps in the morning and come home to a winter storm and currently 6" of snow (and accumulating as we speak) in my front yard, I can handle it.

I've been Disney-fied, and life is good. For the moment.



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Jenny said...

I am always surprised...or maybe not anymore...with the cool things you do all the time. I wish I had your energy, DQ