Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Friday was our wedding anniversary.

Eleven years ago on that day, Hubby and I were married in a very small, very intimate ceremony in a little chapel. Last year, because of the flooding disaster in Fargo, I was out of town on our anniversary and so we didn't get to celebrate the "big" one - 10 years.

So, Hubby tells me early Friday to be dressed and ready to go by 6:00 p.m.

"Where are we going?" I ask...because, honestly? I hate surprises. I want to be in charge. I want to be in control. That's the way I roll.

"Can't tell you that," hubby sweetly says. "Deal with the fact that you aren't always in charge."

See how we've managed to stay married for so long? This oh-so-sweet repartee.....

So, I'm dressed and ready to go by 6:00...going nuts because I don't know where we're going....Hubby is still in the closet, getting ready, when the doorbell rings...I go to answer it, assuming its a playmate of my daughter's....

But - oh, no....

It's a stretch limousine....

...waiting to pick us up and whisk us away. Oh, that hubby - full of surprises!

The limo took hubby and I downtown for an intimate, 7-course meal at the Bluestem restaurant....I have no idea what I ate that night, but it looked like this:

...and this:

...and a little bit of that:

...and for dessert, it was this:

....and this:

...finishing with this:

...and it was all so, so good. Very tasty. Very romantic. Very wonderful.

And there were roses on the table, waiting for me, when we arrived at the restaurant:

...and they were peach, because Hubby knows that I do not like red roses (reminds me of blood...weird? Yes. Sorry.)

And after dinner, the limo pulled up and whisked us back home.

That hubby. He really is a great guy. And I guess it doesn't hurt to let him be in charge. Once in a while.




Jake said...

Happy Anniversary to you both.

2 for 2 - I must be in control, my husband knows NOT to throw me any surprises.
Peach or champagne roses are the ones I like the most!

Dual Mom said...

Wow! What an incredible anniversary date! Congrats to you both.

Jenny said...

Wow. Amazing date. Happy Anniversary. You are a beautiful couple. You look so young! No wonder they want you to star in everything! This is lovely!