Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The 2010 Passion Awards

A few years back, Hubs and I were blessed enough to be able to invest in a foundation. The foundation we chose was the Servant Christian Community Foundation, which allows us to make charitable contributions to agencies of our choice, thereby helping to make a difference in the world.

Last night was a celebration banquet, the 2010 Passion Awards, which celebrated various organizations and agencies that were the lucky recipients of grants from the Servant Christian Foundation. In fact, one agency was awarded $25,000 last night - how cool is that?!

Hubs and I decided to join 1,000 of our nearest and dearest friends and enjoy the festivities.

Dress code was "business casual", so I put together my "boring beige" outfit, as I call it:

This outfit combines my brown tweed pants with a nice, cozy sweater. My only complaint is that the sleeves are short - and the venue we were at was FREEZING! I wished I had put on long sleeves - oh well. Live and learn. However, this outfit is comfortable - which is always my #1 priority in clothing!

So, we arrived at the Overland Park Convention Center, where we were prompted up the elevator:

We then checked in, and were directed to Table 2. We had been invited to event by Frank Brown, one of the board members, and we were privileged to sit at his table. Considering there were over 100 tables, we were thrilled to be at #2!

Hubs and I at our table, pre-show

We had a delicious dinner that was catered by Fiorella's Jack Stack, which began with THE most delicious spinach salad:

I love spinach salad - and this was one of the best. Ever. Everything came together perfectly - and I just about licked my platter clean, but I knew that wouldn't have been cool.

Next, we had beef brisket, garlic whipped potatoes, with a side of lemon zest green beans:

The brisket was cut-with-a-fork tender, so I enjoyed it. Ever since my infamous jaw injury of 8 years ago, I don't eat a lot of meat - especially if there's a lot of chewing involved, so I appreciate a tender cut. And this was tender. The potatoes? Too garlicy, for me. I thought they were over-seasoned, and this was surprising, as normally, I've never met a potato I didn't like. The green beans? Bleh. I like green beans - but not these. Too much lemon, perhaps?

For dessert, we had a choice of chocolate layer cake, or a white cake with butter cream frosting. I went against type, and actually enjoyed the white cake:

After dinner, the program started - we enjoyed some great speakers, a fantastic praise band, and some amazing videos that highlighted the award winners. We learned about some awesome ministries that are happening right here in Kansas City, as well as all over the world.

I think what impressed me about this event was the passion that was on display - the passion that these various agencies and their volunteers have in ministering to people all over the world. I was humbled, really, to be in their presence, as these people are TRULY changing lives and making the world a better place.

Very inspirational.




Mental P Mama said...

Now all I want is some brisket and whipped potatoes. Thanks.

Misha said...

Great event. GOD's presence was beautiful...Not only could I feel the passion of the people for GOD, but HIS for us...I needed that experience.