Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm Going to Disney World!

"Drama Queen, you just threw a shut-out in the 7th game of the World Series! What are you going to do now?!"

Drama Queen replies, "I'm going to DISNEY WORLD!!!"

Okay...I realize that the first sentence above is something I will never hear in my lifetime. Perhaps in my dreams.

But...I AM going to Disney World. By myself. Solo. Party of one, please. At this time tomorrow, I hope to be at the rope drop of Epcot.

This was rather impromptu, which, if you knew me at all, you'd know that "impromptu" and "Drama Queen" don't normally end up in the same sentence. Normally, a trip to Disney World takes me 12-18 months to plan, to twink, to savor, to anticipate, to tweak, to perfect down to the minute. A YEAR, I'm tellin' ya!

I knew I had to get back to Florida this week...it was time to get down and check on the house in Ft. Myers, and so I had arranged for the least expensive flight, which just happens to be Tuesday through Tuesday. My flight leaves this afternoon.

One week in Ft. Myers. Whatever would I do with myself?

Realizing that Orlando is just a short 3-hour drive away, a germ of an idea began to take root in my mind. This was about 2 weeks ago when my brain got to thinking, which is always a scary thing.

This just happens to be the last week of Epcot's annual Food & Wine festival.

I like Epcot. I like food even better. I also like wine, but it doesn't like me, so I'll have to pass on the wine...but I can double my food intake and make up for it, right? Or substitute "chocolate" for "wine" and I'm one happy girl.

This just happens to be the first week that Disney's Christmas decorations go up in the parks.

I like Christmas decorations. I like Disney parks even better.

My mind was already racing, putting together a plan...could I? Should I? By myself?

And then...my fate was sealed.

A magical pin code arrived in my email from Disney - as if the fine people at Disney had read my mind. If you aren't familiar with pin codes, they are the most wonderful things, really...they're just a combination of letters and numbers that are unique to YOU and only certain people get them and when repeated back to a travel agent at Disney, they save you lots and lots of dollars off of a Disney package.

It was my very first pin code.

And when I called Disney to book the room, I couldn't believe the price I was quoted. I'm getting a deluxe hotel room, 5 days of tickets, and free dining - for an unbelievable price. And the magical pixie dust of Disney. In November. By myself.

Complete freedom.

Hubs added his blessing to the trip, and so I'm off. Flying to Ft. Myers today...quick check of the house...then driving up to Orlando tomorrow and staying there until Sunday. Driving back to Ft. Myers for a day or two, and flying back home next Tuesday.

In and out.

I will never throw a shut-out in the World Series, but that little anomaly doesn't stop me from enjoying the magic of Disney. All being planned within two weeks. Unbelievable.



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