Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name

Today's question is, "What's in a name?"

The other day, I was trying to assist a young man with a project. It was our first meeting, and so introductions were in order.

He introduces himself as Steve, and I reply: "Hi, Steve...I'm Sherri...nice to meet you."

A few minutes later, into the project, Steve says, "Hey, Cheryl? Can you give me a hand here?"

I replied, "Sure, Steve...but the name is Sherri."

He apologizes with, "Oh, sorry about that, Sherri. Thanks."

A little later, I hear, "Uh, Sharon? Can you help with this?"

"Of course, Steve - but the name is Sherri. Not Sharon."

He answers, "Oh, that's right! Sorry, Sherri."

Five minutes later, I hear, "Uhh....Shirley?"

Trying to give him a little help, I said, "It's 'Sherri', Steve...just like the wine."

"Oh! it! 'Sherri like the wine'! That'll be easy to remember!" He went back to his work.

Ten minutes later...he pops his head up and says, "Ummmm....Brandy? Can you...."

I give up.




Terri said...

That is hilarious. And just like me, but I am awful with the names of my closest friends. We have to laugh at it, its just so darn silly!

Duane Hallock said...

Nice piece today, Sue. I always enjoy reading what you write, Sandy. Keep up the good work, Sherri.