Monday, November 15, 2010

Modern Family Marathon

So, I got an eviction notice from Disney yesterday morning - I hate it when that wake up, and you see that little envelope pushed under your door, and it basically says, "Get out! Go home! Make room for the next Disney Geek!" So, I got up and got out - no more visiting the parks, because frankly, after riding Expedition Everest twelve times on Saturday, what more is there to do?

I enjoyed my three-hour drive back to Ft. Myers - it's more relaxing coming home, because you don't have that, "Gotta get there! I can't wait! I'm going to DISNEY!" thingie going on in your head, leading to extreme impatience with every other driver on the road....

I spent the day cleaning the house (it's amazing how many dead spiders and bugs you find in a house that has been shut-up for a few weeks - how the HECK do they get inside? And do they all come in to just DIE?! What is that about, anyway?) and doing laundry (nothing like the smell of amusement park in your clothes) and enjoying the warm sunshine.

Because it's freakin' cold back in KC, and I'm trying to bottle up this warmth so I can take it back with me tomorrow. Argh.

Anyway, although we have a TV here in the house, we don't have any television - because I'm frankly too cheap to spring for cable, when we're only here a few days each, I like to bring down DVD's with me and catch up on movies and other stuff.

This trip, I brought Season 1 of ABC's "Modern Family" down....

I was late to the MF party last year - so I am now catching up on the earlier episodes I missed, and I about busted a gut laughing last night. The jokes and plots and clever little lines and acting all add up to truly the funniest show on TV right now, other than my other favorite, NBC's "Community."

Eric Stonestreet as "Cameron" kills me with every delivery - he's got comic timing genius. It's no wonder he took home the Emmy this past year - he deserves it. He actually grew up in real life not far from Kansas City, so we're claiming him as one of our own.

My last night in Florida tonight...and I'm about ready to pop in the next DVD of Modern Family, which will be episodes #8 to 16, I think...something like that. A marathon Modern Family night.

Not quite the excitement of Disney, but still fun!



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Aunt Juicebox said...

Do you subscribe to Netflix? They have that streaming content you could access with a Wii or certain bluray players. Cheaper than cable, and you have access to all kinds of movies and shows, and you can watch if from anywhere as long as you have your device with you.

I really want to go back to Disney, but with my brother moving to VA over the summer, I'll probably be going there a lot more instead of Florida anyway.