Saturday, November 27, 2010

Keeping the Faith

Yesterday was a classic test of my faith.

Yes, my faith was tested to the limit - but I held on, didn't give up, and prayed. I prayed hard.

Yesterday was the Iron Bowl.

If you know ANYTHING about college football, then you know that the famous Iron Bowl is the annual grudge match between Alabama and Auburn.

And I am a HUGE Auburn fan. Don't know why. Don't care to know why. I have no idea what made me start rooting for a team lodged in the boonies of a small town with the fun name of Opelika, Alabama. Say that five times really fast. Isn't it fun?!

Anyway, many years ago I began rooting for the Auburn Tigers, and began hating on Bama. Grrrr. Our worst rival.

Yesterday was THE game that I've waited all season for. The famous Iron Bowl - when my beloved War Eagle played the Crimson Tide. Auburn is ranked #2 in the nation right now. The Tide? #9.

This game is HUGE. I planned nothing else for yesterday other than to watch the game on national television.

This. Was. The. Game. THE GAME. This. Was my Super Bowl.

And Auburn was down 21-0 before I could even settle down on the sofa with my soda pop and chips.

Are you KIDDING me??!!!!!

This is NOT how this game was supposed to go!

My first instinct was to turn the game off. Who wants to watch a debacle?!

But, I held on. I kept the faith. I watched. I prayed. I cheered.

And Auburn pulled it off. They came down from an eventual 24-0 deficit, and won the game, 28-27.

Are you KIDDING me??!!!

This was AWESOME. This is what football is all about.

Go, War Eagle. You did me proud.

(And our local high school team won the Missouri State Championship in football for Class 5a! Way to go, Titans! - A very good Friday for me!)



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