Saturday, November 6, 2010

Coincidence? I Think Not...

Do you believe in coincidences? there a higher power at work?

If you read Tuesday’s blog post, it was entitled The 2010 Passion Awards, and talked of a dinner that Hubs and I attended on Monday night….

To refresh your memory, there were approximately 240 ministries in the Kansas City area that were featured, with a dozen of them receiving grants from the Servant Christian Community Foundation that evening.

Although all of the ministries were impressive, one that stood out to me that night was MODELS.

MODELS is a mentoring program here in Kansas City, for middle and high school young women.

Their mission is to provide a safe place for the young women to express the specific issues and concerns they face and in turn, to help guide them using truths from the Bible.

The reason this program stood out to me is that it isn’t just a “giving” ministry. And nothing against giving – don’t get me wrong. But I sometimes feel that “giving” sometimes leads to an “entitlement” mentality by the recipients – and I struggle with that.

I like ministries that educate and teach empowerment to the recipients, so that they can, in turn, take the skills and lessons learned and pay it forward.

And MODELS does that.

So…fast forward a few nights to Thursday night, when Hubs and I attended “Dining in the Dark”, which I blogged about HERE.

We had greeted some friends, and then strolled through the pre-dinner cocktail party, looking for a place to sit down and enjoy our drinks.

Most tables were filled with people – until I spotted a table with only two young women sitting at it…with two empty chairs.


I asked if we could join their table, and they politely said, “Sure!”

So, we sat…and then did the polite introduction thing you do when you don’t really know someone but you’re meeting them at a fundraiser…the usual questions of “What’s your name?”, “What do you do?”, and “How did you hear about this event?”

These young women, Chrishanna and Latasha, had already captured my attention with their obvious poise, intelligence and manners – and at such a young age, I was impressed!

I asked how they had met each other, and they replied, “At church.” They then said they are both involved with a program at their church, called “MODELS”.

“We mentor young ladies in our community to become better women.”

No way.

Was this the same program I had just learned about on Monday night that had so intrigued me?

Yes. It was.

I was nudged Monday night when learning about MODELS. Out of the 240 ministries, there were only about 4 or 5 that I could remember through the evening. And MODELS was one of them.

And 3 nights later, we happen to randomly choose a table at a cocktail party where two of the MODELS mentors just happen to be sitting.

Now, tell me it’s not a small world, after all.

And tell me that God doesn’t put people in your path for a reason.

Because I won’t believe you.



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