Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh, Mickey!

I'm trying to come up with all sorts of excuses for what happened today at Disney's Epcot, but I really don't have a good reason for being....well, just plain stupid.

I purchased a leather bracelet for my 11-year old daughter, and wanted to have it engraved with her name. This will be one of many "kiss and suck-up" presents I get for her, as I attempt to get back in her good graces for not bringing her with me on this trip.

Anywho, the Disney Castmember asked what name I wanted engraved...and indicated a piece of paper to write it down, so she'd have the correct spelling.

I carefully wrote down, "Mickey" - because that's the nickname that my daughter has chosen for herself, even tho it grates on my nerves every time I hear it. But - as parents, we learn to pick our battles, and her choice of a nickname is not something to get my panties in a wad over. So, "Mickey" it is.

The girl quickly engraves the bracelet, and hands it back for me to check, and I gasp.

"Oh, no!" I said, in despair. "It's spelled wrong!"

The girl said, "Well, how does she spell it?"

I said, "Well, YOU know...just like the in 'Mickey Mouse'".

The girl looked at me confused, indicated the bracelet, and said, "I don't understand...that's how I spelled it. Just like the Mouse."

I looked down, and the bracelet read, "Mickey".

As in M..I...C...K...E...Y.

It was spelled perfectly.


WHAT was I THINKING??!! Do I NOT know how to spell Mickey Mouse??!!

I blame it on the sun...exhaustion...or even "Oldtimers Disease" - but certainly it didn't have a thing to do with my blonde hair.



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Terri said...

Snicker... in my neck of the woods we call these "senior moments."