Monday, November 22, 2010

Miss Me?

Miss me?

I honestly have been unable to write, as I have been struggling with an issue here at home...that I don't really want to write about. And because this issue has taken over my thoughts - it has pushed out every other thought that I could possibly write about.

Make sense?

Probably not.

Oh, everything here at home is fine. The hubby is fine. Kids are fine. No worries there.

No, this issue has to do with...friends. Or, people who I thought were friends, but I found out were secretly stabbing me in the back and deliberately excluding me from things that they knew would make me happy.

Why would people behave this way? Because I really don't know why.

So - dealing with the hurt, the confusion, the perplexity of it all - has left me with nothing to write about here. Until I deal with it, I guess.

I appreciate everyone's patience as I work through this...

I promise to get back to adventures and stories and photos and all that fun stuff! :)



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