Tuesday, September 17, 2013

10 on Tuesday: Guilty Pleasures

Okay...'fess up. We've all got guilty pleasures, including me...and it's interesting to hear what others will admit to. So, with that in mind, today's 10 on Tuesday post are your little secret indulgences that get you through life. Mine - in no particular order - include:

1. The first day of school.
I love my kids. I really do. But I also love the first day of school, when I know that my house will be a little quieter, a little cleaner, and a little more peaceful as the kids all head back to school. And I feel guilty about this, somewhat, as I think it makes me less of a mom when I am secretly happy that my little monsters are gone for the day. Oops. Did I say "monsters" out loud? I most certainly meant to say, "angels." Ahem.

2. Sappy historical romance movies and books.
When I'm all alone, and I find myself with free time (which is a rarity), I love nothing more than curling up on the sofa and watching such classics as "Pride and Prejudice" or "Jane Eyre"...or reading a good, juicy novel by one of my favorite authors, Victoria Alexander. Whether it's Mr. Darcy or Mr. Rochester - I am totally swooning and totally using a Kleenex to dab that foreign material out of my eyes that always seems to appear when indulging in these mini-escapes.

3. Fleece sweatpants.
When I'm out in public, I like to dress up a bit...but when I'm home - alone - you will find me diving into my favorite pair of grey sweatpants. They're soft. They're comfortable. They're cozy. They're fashionably a train wreck. And yet I feel like I can conquer the world while wearing them, although I would NEVER, EVER step out into the world wearing them. YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME IN MY GREY SWEATPANTS (although I'm secretly hoping I get buried in them, so I'm soft and comfortable and cozy for eternity.)

4.Peanut Butter M&M's
They are seriously the MOST PERFECT INDULGENCE EVER and I can never, ever get enough. Eep.

5. Real Housewives of...Anything
Okay. I admit it. I am inexplicably intrigued by the antics of the women on all of the "Real Housewives" television series. It's trash. It's a train wreck. It's television at it's worst. BUT I CAN'T HELP MYSELF. Gah.

6. Barry Manilow
Don't laugh. Really. Don't. But when I'm home alone, and I need a pick-me-up, I can dance around the house to "Copacabana" and all is right in my world.

7. Coach Handbags
For reasons that I don't even understand myself and are absolutely beyond my control...I seem to have a visceral reaction whenever I see a beautiful, new Coach handbag in a boutique. My heart begins racing, my palms begin twitching, and I covet - COVET, I tell you - the purse. I MUST HAVE IT AND I MUST HAVE IT NOW. Sometimes, I'm able to fight that little devil on my shoulder that whispers, "Just do it. Just buy it." But other times...sigh. It's a losing battle.

8. Sleeping in
I would if I could. And I used to. But - guilt got the better of me, so I now set my alarm for the ungodly hour of 6:15 a.m. every morning, just so I can hug and kiss the family as they head out the door in the morning. Every now and then, though, I say, "Screw you, guilt - I'm catching a few extra zzzzz's." And it feels so, so good.

9. Reading the paper in bed
I am spoiled rotten, and I know it. Hubby brings the newspaper in from outside every morning, and will lay it next to me in bed...so when I DO rise (& shine? Hardly.) at 6:15 a.m., all I have to do is roll over and grab the paper and begin indulging in the day's news. Sometimes, he even brings me my Chai tea...and then I REALLY feel like the Queen that I know I secretly am.

10. Fast, red cars
In Florida, I drive a red convertible Mustang. And here in Kansas City, I drive a red, sporty souped-up Taurus. I like my cars red. And I like them flashy. And I like them fast. And there's a tiny part of me that says I should be driving a minivan, so that I would fit more into a "mom-like" image. But then I squash that tiny part of me as I go zipping down the highway, nibbling on my M&M's, while Barry Manilow plays on the radio.

And life is good.

What are YOUR guilty pleasures??!! Don't be coy...time to confess. I'd love to hear them!




kcsuz said...

"Bridges of Madison County" the book and the movie....swoon....

Fisherlady48 said...

Gone with the Wind and Westward the Women

Susan Wilson said...

So funny. I drive a 2006 red mustang convertible. I guess it's a guilty pleasure. Some of my others:
- ghirardelli sea salt soire with a glass of good pinot noir
- travel planning for my family
- planning Disney trips for friends and family
- afternoon naps
- snuggling my two golden retrievers
- assembling and sending care packages to my college daughter
- and of course, George Michael