Monday, September 16, 2013

Ego Veni Vidi Vici


I have to admit...that after I graduated from college, I thought I was pretty darn smart.

Okay. Wait. Let me clarify that.

Actually, to be honest, I've pretty much always thought I was pretty darn smart, because I'm kinda' modest like that. Yup.

But then...a curious thing happened....

I had kids.

And I realized just how dumb I really was, and how much I still had left to learn.

Take last night, for instance, when I learned something new from our 14-year old daughter. We had gone out to dinner with some other family members, and Daughter was explaining to them how she's currently studying Latin, in order to help her better understand scientific terms.

As she's explaining why she's studying Latin, she says, "Yes, well, it IS the language of love, you know."

Actually, I DIDN'T know, and sat there puzzled for a minute...until it dawned on me. She's heard that Latin is a Romance language. Ergo, (See what I did there?? Throwing in some Latin while discussing Latin??!! I amaze myself sometimes...), it must mean it's for lovers.


I really didn't have the heart to dispel her theory.

But time you're feeling in the mood and want to romance your lover...whisper some sweet Latin in his (or her) ear...and watch them swoon.


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