Saturday, September 21, 2013

Attacked By A Bear???

If I could summarize my entire day in one, entirely too-long and entirely not grammatically-correct sentence, it would go something like this:

After a long and sleepless night of tossing and turning in a strange bed, because I have the curse of never adjusting quickly to new sleeping surroundings or new roommates, and after driving to headquarters in Denver, only to be told that we were now to be reporting to a DIFFERENT headquarters in Denver - but far, far away from the first Denver, which is weird, and then fighting traffic (and on a Saturday???!! Gah!) for a forty-five minute drive north to Longmont to report on the activity there, and after meeting an awesome 7-year old Cub Scout who donated popcorn to the Red Cross, and after meeting a fellow Kansas Citian who is volunteering in the disaster, which shows that it truly IS a small world after all, and after talking with, photographing and helping numerous Coloradans affected by the recent flooding, and then after driving endless miles to the warehouse in order to get a different story, and after making an emergency trip to Target to buy a car charger for my stupid @J%J@@@ i-Phone because it dies the minute you turn it on, which drives me totally CRAZY - GAH! - and then after eventually making our way back to our hotel so I could sit down and actually write the stories that I heard today, and after ordering a mediocre bunless hamburger from room service so I have at least something in my hungry, cavernous tummy, and after discovering numerous, mysterious red welts on my right arm while showering tonight that look like I was somehow attacked by a vicious tiger without being aware of it -

--after all that --

I am organized, showered, rested and ready for whatever tomorrow brings me.


Except for the mysterious tiger claw marks on my right arm.

Not a good picture - but what the heck??!!

What is the deal with THAT??!!

That will remain a mystery, I guess...perhaps I really DID get attacked by a tiger - or more likely, a giant, Coloradan black bear.

Because I may not know how to write a grammatically correct sentence, but I DO know that I'm more likely to be attacked by a bear in Colorado than a tiger.




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The Boss Lady said...

I love the one sentence format! I feel like every sentence I write is like