Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why I Don't Listen to Hubby



Trust me - this is NOT a "man-bashing" post, as I really, really love my think of this as more of a, "They just don't get it???!!!" post instead.

The other night, I was working on my Top 10 Guilty Pleasures post, and I got into a conversation with Hubby that went something like this:

"What would you say are my guilty pleasures?" I asked.

Hubby immediately replied, "Peanut butter M&M's."

"Ha! So true! I've already got that on my list," I said, adding, "But what else? What else do you see as my guilty pleasures?"

He pondered for a minute or two, and then said, "Your chocolate milk that you drink every night before bed."

"THAT'S not a guilty pleasure!" I shot back.

"No? Then what IS it?" he asked.

"It's calcium," I said. Anything used for medicinal purposes is NOT a guilty pleasure in my book. I'm sure my doctor would agree, as HE'S the one who said I needed calcium for strong bones and such. What does it matter if I jazz it up a bit to make it more tolerable??!!

Obviously, the man needed a lesson in what exactly constitutes a "guilty pleasure", so I decided to give him an example.

"Honey, something like my addiction to the 'Real Housewives' television series is a guilty pleasure," I explained.

"I HATE that show!" Hubby exclaimed. "It's trashy, it's vile, and it has NO entertainment value whatsoever."

"EXACTLY!!! Which is why I love it, and why I only try to watch it when you aren't here," I said. "So - think some more, and tell me what my guilty pleasures are."

So...Hubby ponders a few more minutes, and then brightens and says, "I know what it is! SHOES!"

"Shoes???!!!" I look at him in disbelief, as I can't quite believe he dared to go there.

"Yes! Shoes! You have WAY too many shoes," he says, indicating our closet. Yup. He went there.

Giving him The Death Glare, I firmly and emphatically stated, "To begin with, you can never have too many shoes. And besides...they're essential. They protect my delicate feet. If you really think about it, they're just as important as the chocolate milk that I drink every night. They're medicinal, so to speak."

With that, I crossed my arms and challenged him to argue with THAT logic.

"I give up," Hubby shrugged...and went back to reading his book.

And he wonders why I don't consult him more often.



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