Friday, September 27, 2013

What We've Got Here....

The power of communication.

Several days ago, I used my hotel room's one laundry bag and one laundry sheet/list to send an order of dirty clothes out to be washed. They did a wonderful job (same-day service, as well!), and it was now time to send out some more.

A bit of a problem, though - they had never replaced the bag/sheet that I had used for my first order.

So, yesterday morning, I left a brief note for the hotel housekeeper, that read:

"May I please have a laundry bag and sheet?"

When I returned to my room last night, I had exactly that waiting for me:

A laundry bag and a sheet. A BED sheet. Ack.

Obviously, what we've got here is a failure to communicate...can someone PLEASE tell me what that thingy is called - the list of the laundry, with the prices, that you fill out and leave with your bag of dirty clothes?

In the meantime, I not only have to wonder what the housekeeper thought I wanted with an extra bed sheet - but I am totally impressed that she gave me one.



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The Boss Lady said...

Laundry form? Laundry List? I think I have seen both listed on the sheets.