Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back to the Future

I should have just stayed.

If you remember, I was in Estes Park, Colorado - just two short weeks ago...enjoying the beautiful scenery, as well as the rocking rhythms of the Scottish & Irish Festival. Who would have ever thunk that a mere short time later, Estes Park and surrounding areas would be devastated by floods and mudslides??!! So know that I was JUST there, and everything was so...serene. The calm before the storm, so to speak.

Seeing the tragedy grow larger by the day, I knew it was just a matter of time before I would be deployed with the Red Cross...and sure enough, the phone call came yesterday.

So...I'm finishing up some last-minute packing this morning, and will soon be flying right back to Denver - where I'll be reporting to Headquarters this afternoon in a new role as Public Affairs.

Kinda', sorta', scary, when I've never done Public Affairs on a national level's really only been in the past month that I've officially become part of the local Public Affairs team. My previous experiences on national disasters have been with sheltering, or feeding, or in supply/warehousing. My confidence level in THOSE areas is pretty high - but not so much in PA, although I'm sure I'll be fine...having the gift of gab, and the gift of written communication, will all come in handy, for sure. Not to mention - the blessing of absolutely loving on people, and wanting to listen to them talk. I could listen to other people all day, drawing them out to share their own this will be right up my ally, I think.

Such is the life of a Red Cross volunteer...never knowing when - and where - the next adventure will be...but learning to roll with the punches and dealing with adversity with patience, flexibility and a good sense of humor.

Back to Denver...back to Estes, stay tuned!




Robbin King said...

safe travels to you.they are lucky to have you in any capacity. Robbin king

kcsuz said...

S0 glad you are going back to where my wonderful (your new wonderful) friends are! So hope you get to see and talk to: Paris, (I'll get you his number), Alissa, Julie & Jason (I'll get you Julie's number) and if you are going to be in Longmont, let me know so you can visit with Jan! Blessings and I know you will be great - you have LOTR love and LOTR spirit. Which means we are Mountain Strong! Love you, Suz