Sunday, December 13, 2009

Big Brother May Be Watching - But He's LATE!

I think we’ve all heard how “Big Brother” is watching us all the time. How our privacy is getting smaller and marketing people are getting smarter – to where they are figuring out what we “need” before we, ourselves, actually realize we need it.

I had something happen yesterday that is just down right scary.

Here’s the story:

I had to take daughter to a birthday party yesterday morning. We hopped into my car in the garage; I opened the garage door; put the car in reverse; stepped on the gas – and CRUNCH!

I had just backed into my hubby’s van.

He had parked his car perfectly in my blind spot.

He drives a freakin’ white van, of all things... and it’s overcast and cloudy and grey outside.

I never saw it – until it was too late.

ARGH!!!!!! I was mad. At myself. Why didn’t I see that freakin’ car? Hubby was mad. At himself. Why did he park there? He said that he KNEW he was in my blind spot – and had second thoughts about parking there – but did it anyway.

Luckily, the damage is minimal – a few scrapes, no dents – just some buffing and painting needed. I took my little sports car in later Saturday to the body shop - $400 worth of damage. We haven’t taken hubby’s car in yet – but it will probably be a little less. I hope.

And then – how funny is this….? At 11:00 yesterday, exactly one hour after the accident, an email pops up in my inbox – the subject line says, “The No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror.” I kid you not – here’s an actual screen print to show you my inbox – because it’s pretty freakin’ unbelievable. If you click on the photo, you'll see it better.

Is that not weird??!!! Actually, I thought it was pretty hilarious. I seriously snorted Diet Dr. Pepper on my computer screen when the email popped up.

Damn – those marketing people are getting downright SCARY. They’re good.

Except – the ad came a little too late. It would have helped, Big Brother, if I’d had that email BEFORE the freakin' accident!!!! Your timing sucks.




Jenny said...

Oh DQ. I'm sorry but I had to laugh at this. Backing up is not my strong point - blind spot or not! I'm thinking you may have to have your house "scrubbed" for monitoring devices, though.

Drama Queen said...

I agree, JM - I laughed, too!

And you're right - we should "sweep" our house - that was just too coincidental!!!

Bright side: I'll get a new, shiny bumper and so will hubby -and it wasn't too bad. And no one was hurt. :)

Aunt Juicebox said...

When my husband first got his truck, he immediately scratched it trying to go through the automatic carwash. I kid you not, he's never washed it since. Ever. In 7 years.