Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cramming a Carry On

The Challenge: An 8 –day medical mission trip to Jamaica, beginning this Saturday – and I'm limited to a carry-on bag. Wha??! Yes – a carry-on bag. That’s it.

This. is. devastating. This is impossible for the Drama Queen. I normally travel with bags and bags and bags – shoes, gadgets, comfort items – you just never know what you might need – and being the good Girl Scout that I am – I like to travel prepared. Besides – it’s not like there’s a Walmart down the street in Falmouth, Jamaica. Cuz’, if there were – that’d be a different story. I could live at Walmart.

But. No Walmart. And one carry-on. For 8 days. So – can I do this?

A general overview of our schedule is something like this: We fly in Saturday, where we’ll spend most of the day in Customs. That sorta’ happens when there’s 26 of us – and 26 checked suitcases are full of drugs. Yeah, our one checked bag is carrying drugs for the medical clinic – not any of MY stuff – and Customs gets all funny about all the drugs we’re bringing into the country. Go figure.

Sunday, we head to church (ah – church clothes needed!) and then to the beach (woo-hoo – beach clothes!).

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be spent working in the clinic – so scrubs will be the outfit of the day.

Each evening, we’ll relax around the dorm – so some comfy shorts and t-shirts will be needed for lounging. Wednesday of that week, we’ll be at Dunn’s River Falls and shopping – so, back to the beach wear and some sort of casual stuff to shop in. Sunday – time to come home. Darn it.

So – there you go….let’s begin. We start with our carry-on bag – just a standard little suitcase.

Now, the most important thing in any lady’s wardrobe – especially a Queen – is shoes. I need church shoes, work shoes and beach shoes. Oh, and shower shoes in the dorm would be nice. I’m packing some flat gold sandals for church and the beach, and I’m wearing those white/green "crocs" you see onto the plane – but I can wear them at the clinic, too. They're also good in climbing Dunn's River Falls. Those white & black thingies are my shower shoes. Nice & flat. Won’t take up much room in the case.

….Bags…it’s nice to have a bag to carry around while on vacation – and in this case, I’m carrying the big orange bag – as a beach bag and as a purse. It’s nice because it folds down very flat and will fit in the bottom of the suitcase. That blue thingy in the pic will hold my water all week. It’s a Guatemalan thing - but it works.

…Towels. Yeah, we gotta bring our own towels. I’m taking two– I’ll rotate them between the shower and the beach. We’ve got a washing machine – so I can rotate them through the wash. They won’t get too skanky, I think. Ewww.

…Clothing. Well – being that we’re in Jamaica – my swimsuit is essential. Check. I’m taking 2 sets of scrubs,
2 pairs of shorts, 3 t-shirts, pajamas, and a dress for church. Oh, almost forgot – underwear. Duh. That’d be important.

Okay, we’re almost done….

….last, but not least, all that miscellaneous stuff. I need my 3-1-1 bag – you know, the 3 oz of my liquid stuff – shampoo, sunscreen, deodorant, etc. I have a very tiny alarm clock, as well as ear plugs (it’s very noisy at night – the goats, the people, the reggae music – it will drive you nuts!), a Kindle so I can read at night, sunglasses, my iPhone for music & games on the plane, journal & pen (no laptop - you all voted and the computer is kicked to the curb), photos from last year that I want to give to my Jamaican friends, and my camera. For lots and lots of photos.


And in my pocket – on the plane – I’ll have my passport and my money.

And my Happy Pills.

I’m good to go. ☺

Now - do NOT show this post to my Hubby - or he'll get this insane idea that I can travel like this all the time. That is NOT happening. It's just our little secret that I can actually DO this! So - everything's packed and ready to go for early, early Saturday morning.

Until then, have a safe and Happy New Year's tonight, everyone - however you choose to celebrate the evening!




Phivos Nicolaides said...

I wish you all the best for the year 2010! Happy new year everyone!

lacochran said...

Most impressive! I'd need a bag double the size and then I'd still cram it.

Happy New Year and Bon Voyage!

Jenny said...

You forgot your thong bikinis. WHAT????? Travel safe. Sending lots of good wishes for a wonderful New Year! And I'm glad I started following your blog this year. You've been fun! And thanks for following mine DQ. I appreciate you!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Awesome job! Last time my sister was here, she was limited to two carry ons for herself and two for my niece, and it was crazy trying to cram all her stuff plus what she bought while she was here back into the bag. Which turned out to be a waste of time, because they confiscated her tartar sauce and jam even though she called the airport and they told her she could bring them.

Have a good time and do lots of good work while you're there!

Mental P Mama said...

Well color me highly impressed! I don't think I could do that! Safe travels!

The Grounded Drink Lady said...

Are you like me and refuse to check a bag? As a flight attendant, I'm kinda funny about that. Have fun and don't shop too much! Happy New Year!

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