Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why We Aren't Invited to Weddings Anymore

Last night, hubby and daughter and I attended a Christmas wedding.

It's been quite awhile since we've been to a Christmas wedding - I had forgotten how beautiful they are...elegant green dresses, fragrant red roses, and twinkling white lights and candlelight - all putting everyone into the holiday spirit.

The bride - a friend of mine whom I met last year on a mission trip to Jamaica. Rachel and I roomed together - and we spent many a night, laying in the Jamaican heat, listening to the goats and reggae music blaring outside our window, sharing stories of our families, her fiance, and planning her wedding. Here's a shot of us from last January:

The ceremony was short, sweet and profound...the pastor, although fresh out of the seminary, gave a moving message that hit home. The music, although simple, was fitting and beautiful.

After the ceremony, we drove a few miles to the reception - and WOW! It was like walking into a winter wonderland - I couldn't get over the decorations. And yet - while I was absorbing the elegance and beauty of my surroundings, what did my wandering eye see? Off to one side? Is that a CANDY STATION? With chocolate?? Why, yes it is - I had died and gone to heaven! Jars and jars, full of delicious, delectable delights - just waiting for the guests to pick up a gift bag in one hand and a scoop in the other and scoop away to their heart's delight. Not known for my shyness, I picked up a bag and said, "I don't mind if I do, thank you very much."

And then...just when I didn't think it could get any did. I turned away from the Candy Station and my eyes spotted the best invention ever in the history of mankind. I mean, life does not get any better than this, folks. There it was - in all it's glory....(insert trumpet fanfare here)....

A chocolate fountain. A 3-foot tall tower of oozing, melting, heavenly food-of-the-Gods chocolate, cascading down in oodles and oodles of delicious puddles, with a cornucopia of delightful & tasty fruits, cookies, breads, candies, etc just waiting to be speared and then dipped in to the fountain of heaven.

I almost needed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation - as well as an AED machine - as my breath stopped and so did my heart. Just for a moment. And then I quickly recovered and walked - in a hypnotized trance - over to the Alter of Chocolate - where I bowed in deep reverence. I sent up a whispered prayer of thanksgiving, "Thank you, Jesus. And thank you, Santa. I believe." And then I went to work.

A delightful buffet dinner, cake, dancing, toasting and conversation followed. We met someone who works for "The Jay Leno Show." Seriously. Okay - that may not sound like a big deal - but when you live in the sticks of Kansas City - in the middle of the boonies, like we do - that was a BIG DEAL! We were impressed.

And then - time for the bouquet toss. My dear daughter hasn't been to too many weddings; she asked innocently, "Why are all the girls going up there?"

I explained to her what was about to happen, and half-jokingly suggested she join the posse of girls...and so she promptly did.

What happened next defies explanation. When Rachel, the bride, tossed the bouquet - I saw a 10-year old girl make a Major-League, gravity-defying 6-foot vertical/sideways jump - snagging the bouquet in one hand, and fist-pumping with the other....It was an AMAZING catch - similar to this one: About the time I was admiring the beautiful athletic prowess I had just witnessed, I realized it was my daughter.

Part of me was proud - I mean, that jump/dive/catch would make the highlight reel of ESPN proud - and the other half was mortified. She jumped/dove/cut off about 50 women to make that catch.

Hubby and daughter and I quickly said goodbye to Rachel & the groom - and then slunk out of there - me with my bulging bag of chocolate from the Candy Station - and my daughter with her beautiful bouquet of red roses. We were both ashamedly happy. And then we wonder why we aren't invited to too many Christmas weddings.




The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Hahaha - that is too funny! Your daughter catching the bouquet and leaving with tons of chocolate. I'd say you had a pretty successful night, huh?

Thanks for stopping by!


Jenny said...

Sounds like a lovely time...too bad you didn't have a little plastic container to get some of the chocolate fountain - ha! Or did you? Now I have to wonder just a little bit, DQ.

Aunt Juicebox said...

Sounds sweet! I liked the chocolate and WHITE chocolate fountains! How pretty!

Drama Queen said...

Tamara - you're right - it was successful - just a little mortifying!

Jenny - Um, my daughter suggested I take my plastic drink cup over to the fountain and just "fill 'er up" with chocolate....and so, it did cross my mind!

AJ - You can never have too much chocolate, right?!