Friday, December 4, 2009

The Day After

'Twas the day after the Open House,
and the Drama Queen was sooooo tired...
that to sit down and write a blog post -
she was just not inspired.

There were hundreds of people
who all came out to see
renovations and remodeling,
as well as our Christmas tree.

The Drama Queen was on her feet
for what seemed like days...
explaining all the work that was done...
she felt like she was in a haze.

By the end of the evening
her back hurt so bad,
that she took to her bed
which was really, really sad.

No celebrating the tour -
no toasting with champagne.
no kicking up her heels -
for she was truly drained.

She slept for twelve hours...
which felt really, really good...
And now she's ready to celebrate tonight,
which well she really should.

So, no deep post today...
no ranting nor deep thoughts...
Just a little ditty to entertain you...
and it's only halfway done. NOT!


1 comment:

The Grounded Drink Lady said...

Wow! Very impressed! Need more pictures!!!