Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom #1

Today is Wednesday Wisdom Day….what's that, you say? You haven’t heard of that one? Actually, neither have I – I’m just making it up. But it sounds sort of catchy, doesn’t it? “Wednesday Wisdom.” Where the Drama Queen dispenses some worldly and profound wisdom on her dear readers…..okay, that made me laugh. I'm full of something, but I don't think it's called wisdom. I'm sure my hubby could tell you what it is...but I digress.

So - how about I just dispense some of the “words of wisdom” heard around my house? None of these are my words – but I thought I’d share them with you anyway. Maybe you’ll laugh – maybe you’ll even learn something. Or maybe – just maybe – you’ll thank your lucky stars you’re not part of our wild and wacky family. Lucky you.

Our first bit of wisdom is courtesy of Hubby. He spent hours looking for the outside Christmas lights the other night – he couldn’t remember where he’d packed them. After several fruitless hours of turning the new house upside down in his hunt, he offered up this pearl: “If I’d known I wasn’t going to find them – I wouldn’t have bothered looking for them.” I just sat there in awe at the pure wisdom behind this statement. I'll have to remember that next time I start searching for a lost item.

My oldest son, who is now 20, was quite the philosopher when he was younger. When he was around 5 years old, he offered up these two bits of wisdom:
“Cemeteries are where you plant people for heaven.”
“Ponds are just giant puddles that have never dried up.”
To this day, every time I drive by a cemetery – I think of all of the people planted there for heaven. ☺ Such wisdom out of the mouth of babes.

And then there’s the two short stories from my younger son...although he's now 16 years old, both of these exchanges occurred when he was much, much younger.

Exchange #1:
Me: How was school today?
Son: Why do you ask me that every day when you already know the answer?
Me: How would I know the answer?
Son: You always say that Moms know everything.

Exchange #2:
While driving in the car one day, I hear a commotion going on in the back seat.
Me: What’s going on back there?
Son: Is this a test? Cuz’ you always say you’ve got eyes in the back of your head – so you can SEE what’s going on back here.

Do you detect a bit of a smart ass in my son? Yeah – I do, too. I wonder where he gets that from? Certainly not from me. Nope. Mr. Sassy Pants most certainly took after his father, as these conversations clearly prove.

Well, that's all today, folks. I know - not much, but the Drama Queen is a very busy lady today and must get to work. Tomorrow is the BIG SHOW - we'll blog about it on Friday - so off to get the house ready. It's almost like Prom - for my house. How funny.

Have a great Wednesday - and feel free to offer up some of your own pearls of wisdom!




Noelle said...

those are hysterical! i especially like the one about the cemetary...priceless!

i can't help that think that the neighborhood "party" that's coming over to check out your house friday is probably just some nosey ladies that want to see what you've done to the place. haha! i don't know why i can't get that out of my head...i hope it all turns out great, though!

Jenny said...

I have no words of wisdom but your post made me laugh! Thanks for that!